How to become an expert web developer? 5 Steps

How To Become An Expert Web Developer

1.Web Baby

If you don’t have any freaking idea, What is web development? If you still want to become a web expert, this article is just for you. This blog will give you seven easy steps that you can follow to become a world-class web developer expert.

You need to start with very basics, and If you know where to begin with, you can go to any size like W3schools or highly recommend Free Code If you want to use the mobile app, definitely go to the Programming Hero Mobile App. Just go to the Play Store Android or iOS and download this app Programming Hero. Then go step by step that basic HTML, basic CSS. Then after that, they spend a few more days exploring html5 css3. These are the baby steps you are becoming the baby of an expert web developer.

How To Become An Expert Web Developer

2.Web Teen

I call this web Teen. That means you have become a teenager in the field of web developer and to become a teen. You can still use like w3schools or use free code camp or programming hero mobile app. There your first task is to explore Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a responsive way so that the website you make fits nicely in tablets, mobile, and even on a laptop. So explore the Bootstrap, build some websites using Bootstrap. Then start exploring basic JavaScript. Javascript is the heart of any website, and without JavaScript, the website will not work most of the cases. So explore the JavaScript understand all the fundamental parts like an is stream array.

3.Web Strong

You need to be a little bit stronger about web development, and to stronger, you need a lot of extra things. The very first thing you need Visual Studio code. Visually Coast is an awesome IDE. You will write your code, and you can use a lot of fun extension. Like explore email, maybe some other linting tool, or maybe some other extension you can get like a pretty Phi or few other things down the line, you will need to learn and then install Lord NPM to use much more fun stuff in your project. These are the tools that will make you a little bit stronger.

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4.Web Spy

Step number four I call web spy now you are becoming a detective, and you’re looking inside; for example, you learn JavaScript, you want to learn what underneath. It is asynchronous you are using a browser. Still, you want to go a little bit deeper about Dom how you can modify stuff on the browser. You can debug something and at the bottom part of your browser. You will explore something called depth tool, and inside the dev tool, you can do a lot of things you can st. The jump takes you will change some style. You can email Explorer JavaScript. You can debug it, and you need to see the different depths they are using. Those are very useful things that you need to explore.

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5.Web Smart

You’re becoming smarter. You are becoming very much known or the fantastic person in your friend’s group, and becoming smarter. You need to know the smart things. That is the smart thing about Java.
How you use new templating maybe how you do this structuring or maybe the class or default variables or spread operator. All these things you need to explore not only that you want to become. Even it smarter, that means you need to learn any modern JavaScript framework. There are three most popular, and people caress angular don’t go with angular. Because these are for older adults and you’re smarter, don’t go with angular. The view is another shiny thing, but there is not much job in the market with real chairs.

So I recommend going with the React. Because this is my most favorite and this has the highest number of jobs.

Writer : Al Farabi

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